BT Tower goes up in flames for the Queen's birthday - kind of

Caitlin Morrison
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BT Tower Lights Up For The Queen's 90th Birthday
It won't look like this for much longer... (Source: Getty)

Camden Council has taken a rather unique approach to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday this evening - it's projected flames onto the screen at the top of the iconic BT tower.

While the screen had been showing a more traditional, and less frightening, birthday message throughout the day, the "beacon flames" started burning at 8.30pm and will continue until 10.30pm.

The top of the tower was an arresting sight:

“I’m delighted that we have been able to find such a special way of marking the Queen’s 90th birthday," said Mayor of Camden Larraine Revah.

"With the BT tower visible from so much of our borough it’s the perfect way to let our residents share in the good wishes.”

And councillor Abdul Hai, cabinet member for customers, communities and culture said: "We are proud to be joining in the day’s special celebrations and joining other local authorities and citizens who will be lighting beacons throughout the UK to celebrate the Queen’s special day.”

The fiery birthday spectacle has been organised though a partnership between Camden and BT.

How the site of flames atop a tall building in central London will go down with residents, or relates to the monarch's birthday, is not quite clear, but maybe that's because nobody at City A.M. has reached the grand old age of 90 yet.

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