London Marathon 2016 mapped: The rise of property prices along the route from the Blackheath starting line to the Mall finish

Lynsey Barber and Chris Parmenter
Virgin London Marathon 2012
Source: Getty

It's not just a slog for runners around the London Marathon route this weekend.

Anyone angling to jump on the London property ladder or looking to climb it faces a steep ascent with plenty of pain, arguably tougher than a 26 mile run around the capital - emotionally and psychologically at least.

Runner's eyes won't just be watering from exhaustion when they approach the finish line in St James's. The central London location, home to the Queen, boasts the most expensive property of the entire route at more than £2m for the average place.

Along the route which runs from Blackheath in south east London (a no less eye-watering more than half-a-million pound for the average property) to the Mall, the average price stands at just over the price of property along the 26 mile route is likely to leave marathon runners gasping for breath (boom-tish).

Check out the London property marathon in the graphic below and how prices have changed since last year, based on data from Emoov and Zoopla.

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