As summer party season heats up, we asked legendary gatecrasher Karl Power how to get into the City's finest parties

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How to crash the Square Mile's corporate dos (Source: Getty)

It's that time of year again - champagne cocktails, awkward smalltalk and roof terraces that are slightly too cold for comfort: it's summer party season in the Square Mile.

The Capitalist was warmly invited to a certain City brokerage's late Christmas party this week, but reporting on the event has been banned by the firm's president after too many folks rocked up last year who weren't on the guestlist.

Now, we'd never condone gatecrashing a corporate do - but word reaches us that Karl Power, the nation's favourite unwanted party guest, has the inside scoop on how to work one's way into a company party.

Power is famous for having his photograph taken with Manchester United in a match against Bayern Munich in 2001 - somehow, the team didn't notice they had acquired an unwanted 12th man on the pitch.

He's walked out to bat for England at Headingley, danced the haka as the English rugby team walked out in Rome, played on centre court at Wimbledon, and celebrated on the winner's podium after last week's grand prix at Silverstone before winner Michael Schumacher got there - all without being invited.

We caught up with Power, who's currently writing his autobiography, to ask the best way to gatecrash a corporate party.

1. Fix up, look sharp

"First thing's first; dress smart. You have to look the part," says Power.

While this may seem obvious, it's always good to check the dresscode for the event you plan to interlope. Most summer drinks parties opt for a business/casual code, but bring a tuxedo on the off-chance you missed the black tie briefing.

2. Be busy

"Pretend to be on your phone" is Power's next tip. This applies very specifically to the financial district.

The gatecrasher tells us event organisers are often fearful of the guests in attendance, and if you look busy and important you're unlikely to be questioned over your motives.

"It gets you through a lot of gaps in security," he says.

Still, The Capitalist would add checking your e-mails looks more impressive than playing Candy Crush...

3. Mingle

"If that doesn't work, stand outside the entrance, roughly out of sight of the name-checkers, wait for someone presentable to walk past and walk in with them. Try to make yourself look like a part of their entourage."

This is a high-risk, high-win strategy. Approaching a group of senior-looking City people can seem daunting at first, but if you hit it off with someone like Bank of England governor Mark Carney as you're walking into your targeted event, you could be set up for the night.

4. Go official

Finally, if none of these tips have helped you, then there's always the official route.

"This is how we've gotten through to a lot of high-profile events," says Power.

"When I've crashed sporting events before we've applied for press accreditation and that works very well. You're given a press pass and no one bats an eyelid.

"With a lot of events, if you apply for a press pass the hospitality will be way better than if you're just gatecrashing. People believe you have a right to be there and need to be looked after."

So there you have it, folks. If in doubt, pretend to be a journalist (just don't pretend to be from City A.M.).

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