The City wades in to Queen Elizabeth II's birthday celebrations - with some right royal investment tips

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What would be in the Queen's investment portfolio?
What would be in the Queen's investment portfolio? (Source: Getty)

You may have heard, the Queen has a big birthday coming up.

Her Majesty will be turning 90 on Thursday 21 April. This is a big and historic moment in the history of the nation and London’s public relations and marketing industries wouldn’t have their world famous reputation if they let an opportunity such as this slip.

Cue a sprinkling of royal-themed financial press releases telling you everything from how great the Queen is for shareholders to some of the most appropriate celebratory stock picks.

Here’s what they said

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” investment strategy has “proved its value over the last 90 years”, said Ed Protheroe, investment director at M&G investments.

But, hang on, there’s a serious point behind the pun.

“Now, like Her Majesty the Queen, so many more of us will be living into our 90s, it makes sense to understand what investing can do for us over the long term.” Yawn.

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For any of City A.M.’s older readers, if you managed to pop £100 into UK shares on the day Elizabeth was born, you’d be looking at a mint worth £14,045 today. That’s a rate of return to make even republican ears prick up.

But, we all know about how great compound interest is. That’s old school. What about the Queen herself, has she been good or bad for investors?

A spurious question, you may suggest, but, in case your interest was piqued, the team over at CMC Markets has had a look for us.

On this occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, an analysis of stock market performance over the last several decades shows how she has been, and remains a cornerstone of stability for Commonwealth countries through turbulent times for the world at large.

From 1990-2015, less than half of the Queen’s reign, CMC found that the UK had the “lowest volatility out of all the countries” it chose to study.

What should seal the deal for the Queen as an investor’s best friend, CMC reckons, is that Hong Kong produced three times the annual returns (22.09 per cent compared to six per cent) when it was owned by the British (and Liz), as when it was in Chinese hands.

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Then it’s probably time to turn your hand to picking some winning stocks, sitting back and raising a glass to Buckingham Palace’s longest ever resident.

Wouldn’t you know, The Share Centre has had a go at doing just that.

Graham Spooner, investment analyst for the trading firm, has “cast his eye over investments which have a royal theme” to come up with a “royal flush of investment ideas”.

Here’s the top 5 shares Spooner reckons Elizabeth would be proud of. For anyone following his recommendations, we can only hope he’s better at picking stocks than making puns.

Buy: Royal Dutch Shell

The royal reason: Because, “royal” is in the title, presumably.

Buy: William Hill

The royal reason: “If, like Her Majesty, you enjoy the occasional flutter, you might want to take a punt on William Hill.”

Buy: St James’s Place

The royal reason: “St James’s Place, a namesake for the Queen’s official residence, is a leading financial services company.”

Buy: Diageo

The royal reason:Diageo is an international spirits maker behind a host of well-known global brands, including Gordon’s Gin which bears the Royal Coat of Arms by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (and was also reputedly the Queen Mother’s favourite drink).”

Buy: Royal London UK mid cap growth fund

The royal reason: Just the name, again.

If you can do better than that, or just want to wing across your own royal release, get in touch.