EU referendum: Remain support rises ahead of vote but many undecided, according to new poll

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David Cameron Conducts Q&A With Workers On the European Referendum
Cameron's side looks on top, according to the latest TNS poll (Source: Getty)

British voters are starting to move towards Remain once again as the EU referendum nears, but there are many still undecided.

A new poll has found that 38 per cent of Britons support the UK remaining in the EU, a three percentage point rise from the last poll.

Meanwhile, support for Leave has dropped to 34 per cent from 35 per cent, and the proportion of undecided voters fell to 28 per cent from 30 per cent.

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The poll of 1,198 people was carried out between 12-14 April, with the prior poll conducted between 7-11 April.

"After several weeks of no movement in the voting intention, our latest poll shows a four-point lead for the Remain camp," said Luke Taylor, TNS's head of social and political attitudes.

"It will be interesting to see what effect, if any the now officially appointed campaigns have in the coming weeks and whether either side begins to capture the still very significant chunk of undecided voters," Taylor added.

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However, the poll by TNS contrasts to that produced by the ORB, which states that there are few undecided voters left.

If the ORB poll is correct, then the outcome of the referendum will be determined by which side can better get its supporters to turn up on the day and cast a vote.

TNS have also found that Europeans tend to be more supportive of the UK staying in the EU than those in the UK themselves.

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