EU referendum: This is how Europeans view the UK's vote

James Nickerson
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General view of Paris
The French think the UK will vote to leave the EU (Source: Getty)

Across the United Kingdom, quite naturally, the EU referendum debate has focussed on what the vote means for, well, the UK.

But whatever the outcome of the vote on the 23 June, there will be deep and lasting consequences for other EU member states too.

So, it's only fair that they are entitled to their opinion too. And according to a recent poll, most Europeans overwhelmingly want the UK to remain in the EU.

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According to a new TNS poll of the views from Germany, France, Spain and Poland (as well as the UK), Europeans are more likely to back Britain's continued membership than people in the UK.

Some 38 per cent of Britons are in favour of Remain, with 34 per cent backing Leave and the remaining 28 per cent undecided.

However, those in Germany and Spain particularly want the UK to stay in the EU, while higher levels of antipathy toward Brexit were observed in Poland.

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In France there was the most favourable responses to the UK leaving the EU, with 41 per cent for Leave and 59 per cent for Remain.

The French are also the only country where the majority think the UK will vote to leave, with 52 per cent of those polled thinking Brexit will occur.

When it comes to finance, the French are joined by the Germans. Around a third believe the EU's financial situation would deteriorate without the EU, with more than a half believing it would make no difference.