Is roller disco the new hot fitness trend? Pop-up roller disco workouts are coming to Canary Wharf

Edith Hancock
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Learn to skate like a pro in Canary Wharf

Get your skates on.

We've seen pop-up yoga, Crossfit and Zumba, but now roller disco is tipped to be the financial district's latest fitness craze.

Canary Wharf will become the UK's roller disco capital on Friday, as popup firm BUMP sets up shop in the Docklands for a week of skating classes.

Londoners can show off their skills (or lack thereof) as DJs blast a mix of old-school tunes, pop, rock, hip hop, funk, soul and of course, disco, at Montgomery Square later this week.

Tickets start at just £10 for grown adults who want to test the popup track on their lunch-breaks, while free two-hour skating sessions are available throughout the May bank holiday.

Workers who need steering in the right direction can also opt for a roller disco fitness class, hosted by professional skating troupe (yes, that is a thing) Marawa’s Majorettes.

A spokesperson assures us it's not all fun and games - according to BUMP, swapping shoes for skates provides an excellent workout for your inner thighs, as well as improving balance and improving core muscle strength.

Canary Wharf Group's Lucie Moore said: “We’re excited to bring the UK’s first roller fitness workout to Canary Wharf. We’re constantly striving to offer visitors an exciting line up of events and this new take on fitness does just that.”

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