Thousands turn out in Trafalgar Square for anti-austerity march

James Nickerson
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Protesters want to see the back of David Cameron (Source: Getty)

A movement urging David Cameron to step down has drawn thousands of protestors to Trafalgar Square.

The March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education started at Gower Street this afternoon, with participants also demonstrating against the Conservative government's cuts.

Organised by the People's Assembly Against Austerity and unions including Unite, those involved want Cameron to stand down due to his links to his father's offshore investments.

Yet, a YouGov poll this week found that the majority of British people aren't too fussed about Cameron's tax affairs and don't really think the Prime Minister has done anything wrong.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell appeared to rouse the crowd, while it was also addressed by Dianne Abbott.

Abbott said: "I'm so glad to be here to pass on Jeremy Corbyn's absolute support for this demonstration. There couldn't be a more important movement and demonstration than this one today."

Still, the organisers said: "The Tories are facing their biggest crisis yet. Revelations of over David Cameron’s stake in his father’s off shore tax haven, prove that this is a government for the privileged few, not for the majority. This shows beyond all doubt that Cameron is divorced from the life of any working person."

The demonstration is scheduled to conclude at 6pm.

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