EU referendum: David Cameron wouldn't last 30 seconds as Prime Minister if he loses vote, says Ken Clarke

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David Cameron Makes Campaign Speech In London
Cameron is the de facto leader of the Remain campaign (Source: Getty)

If the UK votes to leave the EU David Cameron wouldn't last 30 seconds as Prime Minister, a former chancellor of the exchequer has warned.

Ken Clarke said that if a Brexit vote occurs, the Tories would be plunged into a crisis, as Cameron couldn't continue to lead the party or country.

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"The prime minister wouldn’t last 30 seconds if he lost the referendum and we’d be plunged into a Conservative leadership crisis which is never a very edifying sight," Clarke told BBC Radio 4.

It comes after Cameron said he would remain Prime Minister if the UK votes to leave the EU. Asked by Ukip - and former Conservative - MP Douglas Carswell if he intended to stay in office to oversee the decision made by the public, even if it's to leave the EU, Cameron simply said "yes".

Yet Clarke clearly doesn't think that Cameron's position would be tenable.

"The idea that David carries on saying: "Well despite what I’ve been saying in the last few weeks, I’m now going to lead a government which is going to leave the European Union, and I’m going to sit down with you all and find out what it is you want to negotiate that will determine new arrangements for ourselves and our businesses and for our investors that secure a new base for us in the globalised economy," I mean it’s just farcical," Clarke added.

Cameron became the de facto leader of the Remain campaign after he negotiated a deal with other European leaders at a summit in February.

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