How to make big bucks in finance: These are the trading specialisms with the biggest bonuses and highest salaries

Emma Haslett
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It's all about the money: get your hands on a bigger bonus by dealing with more complex products (Source: Getty)

We've surveyed banking salaries. We've surveyed lawyers' salaries. This week, we're focusing on those making the megabucks: traders.

Salary benchmarking site has listed the trading roles with the biggest bonuses.

And it turns out the more complex your role, the more you stand to bring in: those in commodities might think they stand to do well this year - but it's their colleagues in exotics and structured credit who will bring in the big bucks.

That said, whatever their specialism, traders bring in at least 40 per cent of their salary in bonuses.

Alice Leguay,'s chief operating officer, pointed out that those dealing with more complex products should stay where they are.

"'Automation is coming to finance - artificial intelligence, robotics and new disruptive technology are taking over some of the traditional trading functions. We have seen many flow credit and flow rates trading desks being made redundant as banks are under pressure to adopt these new automated solutions in order to cut costs and boost efficiency.

"For now, the more complex and high value tasks are safe and well rewarded and we do need the human touch in the work place, but there is no telling what technologies will be available to trading floor staff in the coming year. Traders should focus on constantly developing their technical skills and concentrate on high value tasks in order to make themselves indispensable."