You'll love these Shakespeare inspired Tube maps

Lynsey Barber and Chris Parmenter
A portrait of William Shakespeare is pic
The Northern Line features Shakespeare's villains (Source: Getty)

Everyone loves a good reimagining of London's iconic Tube map, and the latest addition to the genre is Shakespeare inspired.

Celebrating the 400th year of the bard's legacy, the folk at Transport for London and Shakespeare's Globe theatre have created a special edition map which replaces the familiar stops and Tube lines with his famous works and characters.

The Underground lines have been renamed along themes - the Bakerloo line features the heroines, the Northern Line, villains and rivals, while the interchanges between two lines cunningly places characters who crossover these themes. For instance Lady Macbeth sits at Charing Cross, from where you can take both lines.

Inspired by the map, us pun-loving City A.M.ers came up with our own. We went a little less high brow and straight for the lols, with this map of central London stops.

Heading to the City? You'll want to alight at Bank-quo. Where else could we put A Midsummer Night's Dream (or, A Midsummer Knightsbridge) character Bottom, than at Hyde Park Corner?

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(Viewing on mobile? Click on the map to enlarge and zoom in)

TFL's Shakespeare Tube map will be available to buy from the Globe and the London Transport Museum.

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