This gorgeous timelapse footage shows the City's skyline from the Cheesegrater as day fades into night - plus what it's like to be a lift in the skyscraper

Emma Haslett
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With thousands of people rushing to go about their daily business, the City's streets may be a pretty frenzied place to spend our days - but a new video shows that above the Square Mile's streets, things are rather more peaceful.

This 24-hour timelapse, taken from the Cheesegrater in honour of it being awarded the City of London Building of the Year prize last week, shows a typical day, from dawn until dusk, above the City's skyline.

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‚ÄčLast September, the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects chose the tower as the winner of its first-ever Building of the Year award, with the judges saying it was an "extraordinary example of contemporary architecture across the London cityscape".

At 224 metres (735ft), the Cheesegrater - officially known as the Leadenhall Building - is one of the tallest buildings in the Square Mile. Its characteristic tapered look is designed to preserve a protected view of St Paul's Cathedral.

Got a strong stomach? The videos below show what it's like to be one of the glass lifts at the building, which move at eight metres per second, making them Europe's fastest panoramic lifts. Just don't look down...

Going up: What it feels like to be a lift at the Cheesegrater

The view from the top