Zac Goldsmith isn't afraid of a drinking game: Ladbrokes unearths photos from 2005 of the mayoral candidate winning Spoofing Championships

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Conservative Zac Goldsmith Gives Talk On Transforming Politics In The UK
Zac Goldsmith has hidden talents (Source: Getty)

His critics say he's out of touch, but now word has reached The Capitalist that Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith knows a thing or two about drinking games.

Way back in 2005, Ladbrokes organised the first World Spoofing Championships, a favoured drinking game of London publicans, at Frankie's Bar in Knightsbride. But who won the grand prize?

Spoof is a game of chance often played to establish who buys the next round of drinks. In each round the objective is to guess the number of coins held by your rival players. The coins can be of any denomination, but The Capitalist's spy tells us £50 notes were the objects of choice on this occasion.

In fact, it was a glamorous meeting of east and west. Goldsmiths, Rothschilds, Windsors, Astors, Spencer-Churchills and Toilemaches took on Eastenders Barry Hearn, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Phil 'The Power' Taylor in the spoofing tournament.

Zac's brother and fund manager Ben Goldsmith was knocked out in the first round, alongside reigning world champion Marco Pierre White. That left Zac and his aristocrat pal James Rothschild to battle it out to the final.

The mayoral hopeful went into the final as an underdog and remained the outsider up until the final round, but managed to defy the odds, triggering a £25,000 payout to those who backed him.

Goldsmith is currently on 5/1 to be elected mayor on 5 May, but Labour candidate Sadiq Kahn is sitting pretty at 1/8.

Can Zac beat the odds again to take City Hall for himself?

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