One in three Londoners are worried about their colleagues knowing how much they gamble, new study finds

Edith Hancock
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A third of London betters hide their habits from colleagues (Source: Getty)

Londoners face more issues with gambling than most of the UK, according to new research.

Over a quarter of UK workers who gamble say they wouldn't want their colleagues to know the extent of their habit, but one in three Londoners say they would hide their betting activity from co-workers.

The problem is particularly acute in the finance, accountancy and legal sectors, where around 34 per cent of employees worry about their work colleagues finding out about their gambling.

The study from Reed in Partnership found that more than one in ten Londoners fear that colleague's betting habits are affecting their work.

Those with management responsibility are more likely to have gambled in the last year than those without management responsibility, while over three quarters of those surveyed believed that businesses should be concerned about the affects of gambling on productivity.

Martin Fallon, managing director at Reed in Partnership, said: “It’s important that we provide adequate support and guidance for those who are at risk of losing their jobs because of gambling, and those whose addiction is stopping them from getting back into the workplace."