This is how much tax Boris Johnson paid (and it's the most of any politician so far)

Catherine Neilan
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Boris Johnson Attends His Constituency Declaration
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Tax returns are like buses. You spend ages waiting for one to turn up (or not, depending on your view of the world) and then three arrive all at once.

Hot on the heels of George Osborne's and Jeremy Corbyn's comes that of London mayor Boris Johnson and it shows the now-Uxbridge MP has paid more than £1m in tax over the past four years.

Here are the details

His mayoral salary has been static over the period between 2011/12 and 2014/15 at £143,911, but his annual salary at the Daily Telegraph has risen from £250,000 in the first three years to £266,667 last year.

Net book royalties fluctuated but last year he earned just over £224,000.

That means his taxable income for 2014/15 was £612,583 - warranting a total UK tax bill of £276,505 - making him apparently the best-paid politician so far.

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