Now Jeremy Corbyn has published his tax return too (but what is Surrey income?)

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The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3
Lecture income of £1,350? Me? (Source: Getty)

Anyone into the affairs of the nation's most powerful must be in ecstasy today: after David Cameron published details of his tax return yesterday and George Osborne waded in this afternoon, now Jeremy Corbyn has got involved, with details of his income.

It's not very exciting, mind.

Even as the Labour leader went head-to-head with the Prime Minister in parliament, the party's press office sent out what looked like a photocopy of his characteristically old-fashioned paper return.

The return - which was apparently filed six days late (presumably incurring the requisite £100 fine) - showed Corbyn was paid £70,795 in 2014-2015, paying tax of £18,912 on that. That means Corbyn was paid less last year than Osborne paid in tax.

It also revealed he was paid £1,850 in other taxable income, predominantly lecture income (plus something illegible we can't read).

Surrey income? Shae of coot of stuey? Anyone?

Corbyn's return was released as he sparred with Cameron in parliament, accusing the Prime Minister of "mishandling" the scandal over offshore investments.

"I'm not sure the Prime Minister fully appreciates the anger that is out there," he said, adding that the Panama papers revelations go far beyond "private matters".

Meanwhile, Cameron hit back against "deeply hurtful and profoundly untrue" comments about his father, saying there is "nothing wrong with people wanting to give money to their children".

The also unveiled new measures, including setting up a register of beneficial ownership.

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