Japanese ice cream maker Akagi Nyugyo gave an intense public apology for raising the price of its products by 7p

Edith Hancock
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The firm's chairman was featured in the public apology

They say it's no use crying over spilt milk, but Japanese ice cream maker Akagi Nyugyo Co has raised the bar for corporate apologies.

The firm, which known for its quirky mascot ‘Crunchy Boy’ and strange flavours including corn soup and potato stew, has created a heart-breaking video apology after a slight increase in product prices whipped up public outrage.

The firm feared criticism for not freezing the prices, which it has raised on all products by 10 yen (7p) for the first time in 25 years.

Preempting customers turning sour on the ice cream maker, Akagi issued a public apology earlier this week in the form of a 60-second advert aired on national TV, in which the firm’s president Inoue Sota, its chairman Hideki Inoue and staff bowed to viewers.

Rising overheads in labour, transport and raw materials are cited by Akagi as the reasons for the hike, which was rolled out at the start of the month.

The camera pans out to reveal around 100 distressed-looking employees standing in formation next to the ice cream maker's cartoon mascot. Music by a popular folk singer, lamenting price hikes, plays in the background.

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