David Cameron's tax return in three simple charts

Lynsey Barber
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David Cameron's tax affairs have been revealed in a move labelled "unprecedented" in the wake of pressure over his arrangements uncovered by the Panama papers leak.

Here are the key numbers...

1. Income

The PM has raked in more than a million over the last six years, since coming to power in 2010.

This includes his salary, money made from renting out his home while he and his family live at Downing Street and interest from cash in "a UK high street bank". Last year, that interest on savings was £3,052. If he were getting a rate of two per cent, that would put his savings at around £150,000, for example, though the total amount ahs not been published.

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In 2010 and 2011, he also received dividends and capital gains from the disposal of shares in Blairmore Holdings, the offshore fund of his late father and which sparked the publication of the tax returns. This was less than the £10,000 threshold to pay tax.

2. Landlord

Renting out their home, the Cameron's have earned a pretty penny.

That declared amount is the PM's share. Counting Samantha Cameron's, they made £430,800 combined before tax, over that time.

3. Tax bill

Cameron's six year tax bill comes in at £402,283

4. Inheritance

Cameron inherited £300,000 after the death of his father in 2010, less than the £325,000 threshold for paying inheritance tax. He then received two payments from his mother of £100,000 each. These will also not be subject to inheritance tax, unless she dies within seven years of the money being given.

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