Scottish election: Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson says the Tories are the best opposition to SNP as Labour are in decline

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Scottish Party Leaders Participate In A Live STV Debate
Davidson said Labour is in decline (Source: Getty)

The Conservatives will act as the most effective opposition against the dominance of the Scottish National Party, the Scottish Tories leader has said.

Ruth Davidson has said that it is her party that will be able to hold the Scottish government to account, as Labour has been ineffective.

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Davidson said: “On tax, on policy and on the great dividing line of this political age – the union – we are the party which can give what so many people want: a check on the SNP’s power.”

“We’re saying to people: vote for us and we will do a very specific task for you – we’ll hold the Scottish government to account in the Scottish parliament. I just can’t see Labour doing that job given the decline they’ve had and the mess they’re in.”

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Davidson has tacitly accepted that Nicola Sturgeon's party will convincingly win the upcoming Holyrood election, with the SNP overwhelmingly ahead in recent polls.

Yet, Scottish Conservatives also still lag behind Scottish Labour.

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