Scottish election: Ukip's Nigel Farage unveils plans to woo Scots, including a lower drink driver limit and rolling back the smoking ban

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Farage said Brexit would give Scotland control (Source: Getty)

Trying to reposition his party for a post-EU referendum world, Nigel Farage has unveiled the UK Independence Party's Scottish manifesto, pledging to increase the drink driver limit and get rid of the smoking ban.

He's offering guaranteed jobs for those who served in the armed forces in the police or prison service, as well as pledging to ditch airgun licences.

And, he also said the party would introduce an intermediate 30p tax rate for those earning between £45,300 and £55,000.

In the 32-page manifesto, Ukip also want to push local authorities in Scotland to offer half an hour of free parking in city and town centres.

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It's thought that Farage is trying to rebrand the party and assert that it stands for more than just leaving the European Union.

That might be wise, given it's been widely thought of as Ukip's sole proposition since its creation in 1991 (albeit under a different name: The Anti-Federalist League).

Farage also said Brexit would give Scotland control over issues such as fishing and agriculture, two of the biggest areas under EU control.

"There is only one independence party in British politics, there is only one independence party in Scottish politics. What we are fighting for is to get some voices in Holyrood," Farage said.

"We are the only party fighting for Scotland to have more devolved issues, because it is only by leaving the European Union that Holyrood will take control of Scottish fishing and Scottish agriculture, being perhaps the first two clearest examples.

"If you believe in independence at any level — even if you believe in Scotland being separated from the United Kingdom — then the first step to that meaning anything is leaving the EU," he added.

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Farage wants the UK to know that immigration, democracy, schools, public spending and housing are all key issues for his party.

He's also attacked the government's leaflet that will cost £9m of taxpayer money.

But Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said: "It’s quite clear that they don’t care about Scotland. They are using the Holyrood elections to fight the Euro referendum and everybody knows it."