US secretary of state John Kerry has travelled 1.06m miles as America's top diplomat

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Kerry Returns From Visit To South Korea, China
Kerry has been to 81 countries on the job (Source: Getty)

John Kerry has become the most travelled US secretary of state in history after breaking the record when he arrived in Bahrain.

He's overtaken Condeleezza Rice, who served under President George W. Bush, by around 1,000 miles.

The Democrat has another 10 months left in office, and has a hectic schedule before the next president enters the White House.

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So he's likely to extend his lead by some way, especially if he stays on (who knows, if Hillary Clinton wins).

Since becoming secretary of state - the top diplomatic position in the US - the former Democratic presidential nominee has spent more than 2,300 hours — or 96 days — in the air, according to Associated Press.

However, Clinton still beats him on one metric: she visited 112 countries while secretary of state.

Kerry has been to a meagre 81.

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