City A.M's London Marathon runner George Reed needs to put his feet up after an injury, but he says he'll still beat Bank of England boss Mark Carney's time last year

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George Reed is taking one for the team

George Reed, the self-styled City schmoozer running the London Marathon for City A.M., needs to rest up after suffering a sprain that could affect his performance on the big day.

Reed, director at oil and gas recruiter Thorold Dewling, won the chance to run this year's race on behalf of City A.M's drive to raise £1m for cancer charity Maggie's.

But Reed's hopes of completing the 26-mile race in under three hours now hang in the balance after our running recruiter sprained his knee in a bid to impress his colleagues.

Reed, who's aiming to raise £5,000 for Maggie's as part of City A.M.'s pledge to help the charity build a new support centre at St Bart's hospital, says the injury came after trying to impress co-workers while he was training in the City.

"I'd stopped running for a bit and as I was walking down the street, three women who work in our office were walking past. Obviously, I had to start running in case they saw me."

"The worst thing is I got the sprain just as I ran past them, so I had to walk past them again, limping."

"Oh, I'll still definitely beat Mark Carney, easily", Reed told The Capitalist. The Bank of England boss completed last year's marathon in three hours and 31 minutes. Our runner is confident he'll finish around the three hour mark despite the injury

Fortunately, the City slicker's fundraising efforts are going better. With weeks to go, Reed has already raised £1,700 for his marathon challenge.

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