Spain's prime minister suggests working day shake-up which could bring an end to the siesta

William Turvill
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Spain could be set for working days ending at 6pm, cutting out siesta time (Source: Getty)

Is moving to a sleepy Spanish town and enjoying naps during the working day one of your long-held dreams?

Well, you may have to forget it and throw away your Spanish phrase book.

Lengthy lunch breaks and siestas could be about to become a thing of the past in Spain.

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The nation's prime minister has revealed plans for the working day to end at 6pm - around two hours earlier than present.

He has also suggested Spain's timezone should be wound back in line with Greenwich Mean Time.

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The Times first quoted Mariano Rajoy saying: “I will find a consensus to make sure the working day ends at 6pm.”

The prime minister said he would seek an agreement with other parties, unions and business organisations to change the working day, which generally now includes time for a siesta and late finish.