Brussels airport reopens after attacks: What the airport said, how many flights are taking off and which routes are open?

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Staff gathered to watch the first flight take off (Source: Getty)

Brussels airport has reopened 12 days after suicide bombers attacked its departure hall, killing 16 people.

Attacks on the airport and a Brussels metro station by the Islamic State on left 32 dead and many more injured.

Airport staff gathered at Zaventem airport to watch the first flight take off after the attacks in late March.

Which flights took off

Symbolic passenger flights departed from the airport yesterday and the number of flights is to gradually increase. Passenger flights will also begin landing at the airport in coming days.

The airport said that the departure of the first passenger flight was an emotional moment for the entire airport community and is a symbol for a new start and for the energy, solidarity and commitment of all airport staff.

The flights were operated by Brussels Airlines, and flew to Faro, Turin and Athens.

Today the airport more routes will be opened, including a flight due destined for New York a number for London Heathrow.

In the following days, the number of flights will gradually be increased to the maximum capacity of the temporary structures, that is 800 departing passengers per hour. Other airlines, besides Brussels Airlines, will also recommence their operations at Brussels Airport in the days ahead.

What was said by Brussels airport

"I have heard dozens of stories from the fire services, from the operational teams, administrative staff and also from the airport police, about what they went through and saw", said Brussels Airport Company Arnaud Feist.

"These people arrived very quickly at the scene. With risk for their own lives, they fearlessly went inside to help others. I cannot call this anything but heroic, and I have the very deepest respect for these actions. In the days that followed, I have also seen much courage, pride for Brussels Airport and persistence is being shown by everybody.

"That makes me very hopeful for the future of our airport and convinces me that we will emerge stronger than ever from this crisis," he added.

Where information can be found

The airport said that the final coordinator is currently working on the exact flight schedule for the coming days in consultation with the airlines.

Passengers who have questions about their flight can contact their airline.

The flight information on the website of Brussels Airport,, will be activated soon, the airport said.

Added security

First, there’s a car and passenger screening on the access road. In the temporary departure hall an additional police control and ID and boarding pass control will take place.

Practical considerations for passengers

The airport can only be reached by car or taxi at the moment.

In the coming days, the airport will examine the possibility of restarting other means of transport, such as bus and train.

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