40 years of Apple: This video makes you realise quite how much Apple has accomplished since it was founded

Emma Haslett
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Apple Announces Launch Of New Tablet Computer
No joke: Steves Jobs and Wozniak launched Apple on 1 April 1974 (Source: Getty)

It's Apple's 40th birthday today - and to mark the occasion, the company was flying the Jolly Roger above its headquarters in California this morning.

That's based on founder Steve Jobs' observation, in 1983, that "it's better be a pirate than join the navy" - after which the team designing the Macintosh flew the pirate flag above their office.

The company, now worth $600bn (£425bn), may be best known for its design-focused PCs, phones and (now) wearables - but it was also the first PC manufacturer to make widespread use of the mouse, and the graphical user interface. It has even been claimed Steve Jobs invented computer fonts...

Need more proof? A video quietly published by the company last month shows quite how radically the world has changed since the first Apple was built by co-founders Steves Jobs and Wozniak.

From the word "Hello", which has famously launched many of Apple's products, to the Watch, TV and Airplay (plus a sly dig at the much-maligned Apple Newton), here's everything the company has accomplished, in 40 seconds.

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