From the steel crisis and the living wage to stamp duty changes: Here's what got us talking this week

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A plane got hijacked (but it all turned out to be something of a farce). Then a rival airline thought it could be a good selling point. And with London's weather warming up, Ben & Jerry's decided to give away free ice cream in the name of democracy.

Here's what got us talking

1) Men of Steel

The UK's steel crisis dominated this week after Tata revealed it was selling up, putting 40,000 jobs at risk. Javid and Cameron both came under fire for their responses, while we got a bit confused about Corbyn's plan. By the end of the week it seemed there were four possible outcomes, but none of them were very satisfactory.

2) April Fooled you?

It came, it confused, it conquered. Or did it?

3) Living Wage landed

But is it all it's cracked up to be? Not, it would seem, for Londoners - and with question marks being raised around productivity, the feeling is also definitely not for businesses.

4) Premier wanted it spicier

Food group Premier rejected a third overture from US spices giant McCormick, despite shareholders very clearly approving the deal. McCormick wants a proper date with the Mr Kipling maker - but will Premier do any more than flirt?

5) Buy to let burn

The changes to stamp duty rules came in on Friday, but as we all know, the issue really comes down to supply. It really, really is.

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Great reads from elsewhere

There was really only one topic on our minds this week. What should be done about the UK's steel industry? The Economist thinks we should say Tata for now.

Channel 4's economics editor Paul Mason takes a different view.

Sky's Ed Conway, meanwhile, points out why the UK's steel industry is a drop in the global ocean.

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