How gullible are you? Take our April Fool quiz and find out

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April Fool - or is it? (Source: Getty)

Everyone from Nigel Farage to BMW were at it this morning as the internet threatened to reach Peak April Fool - but some stories that seemed too good to be true actually weren't...

Reckon you can beat the jokers at their own game? Take our April Fool quiz to find out just how gullible you really are...

Eau no

Virgin Atlantic is developing a bespoke fragrance called Eau D'aventure, to be used in its Upper Class wing, limo services and airport business lounges. Does that smell fishy to you?

Helicopter commuters

Bespoke chauffeur service Capstar is launching a new service that lets customers ride US army Black Hawk helicopters to Mayfair from Oxfordshire. Will commuters be flying into London anytime soon?

It's a dog's life

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has trained a sniffer dog to measure the quality of British whisky products, it says. Will Rover really be sniffing out fake snifters?

Cheers to that...

A London brewery is rolling out craft beer served in 360 degree cans, so when you twist the cap the entire top of the can comes off to improve the beer's flavour. Has beer really gone upmarket?

Pigeon power

On-demand laundry app ZipJet has launched a pigeon-cleaning service in London to tackle the city's pollution crisis, with pigeon cleaning stations installed in Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and Oxford Street. Will our feathered friends really be cleaning up the city?

Big money, big data

A study has shown two thirds of Britons say they'd share sensitive personal data with a third party or company if they paid them. Are we really that easy to hack?

The UK's property porn addiction

Britain is a nation of property perverts: two thirds of admit to perusing property websites even when they have no intention of buying. Are we really that into property porn?

Milking it

An organic supplement maker The Organic Protein Company is introducing a line of whey protein powders made with human breast milk. Would that really pass health and safety rules?

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