This is how Europe would vote in the US Presidential Elections 2016

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White House Awaits New Resident
One particular individual terrifies Europe (Source: Getty)

If, hypothetically of course, Europeans got to decide who next entered the White House, Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide.

A new poll found that Clinton is the clear favourite, taking 46 per cent of support, while it is her rival Sanders who would be Europe's second choice, with 14 per cent of the vote.

Republican hopeful Donald Trump garnered just six per cent of support - but did beat Ted Cruz and John Kasich, who took two per cent and one per cent respectively, according to YouGov.

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It's in part because the centre-right in Europe may well be more aligned to the centre-left in the US. One only has to think of how a US president would struggle to nationalise healthcare, compared with how David Cameron speaks in favour of the NHS.

The results contrast polls in the US, where Clinton has a lead of just 27 per cent, with 23 per cent in favour of Trump.

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All in all, YouGov says, the results show that Europeans are simply terrified of a President Trump. The most likely response to Clinton's victory are relief and optimism.

Not only would Europeans be relieved by Clinton winning the presidency, they also feel she would do better on a number of different issues.

Still, it seems while there is support amongst the choices for Clinton, there is little optimism overall. Just 43 per cent of European countries polls said Clinton would make a good president, with 30 per cent saying she would be average and nine per cent believing she would be bad.

In the UK, 33 per cent say she would make a good president.

She can console herself, however, by the fact 71 per cent of Europeans say Trump would make a bad president.

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