This app lets you book hotel rooms by the hour...but the staff promise it's all innocent

Edith Hancock
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A room in the newly-restored heritage wi promises its strictly business in hotel rooms by the hour (Source: Getty)

From City grandees in speedos to the side-effects of Burger King’s spicy burger, The Capitalist is all about striking mental images today.

With that in mind, City A.M. has the pleasure of being invited to a "revealing insight" into - a website that lets you book hotels throughout the day, by the hour...but staff promise it’s all above board.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the speedy hotel booking firm has seen huge growth since it was founded in 2010, UK leisure workers are particularly pleased. Out of more than 300 hotels working with the site, almost half of them are in Britain. The site operates in 14 countries and received a €15m investment late last year.

Keen to dispel sordid rumours around hotels with hourly rates, chief exec David Lebee is on hand to explain that the service helps hotel guests “nap, do business, enjoy some time out, or just get over jetlag”.

Is that what they’re calling it these days?

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