Panmure Gordon Brexiter David Buik will be cutting back on his Spanish holidays if the UK votes to leave the EU

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"There's so much to see in Britain" (Source: Getty)

Talking heads at Panmure Gordon went head-to-head in the Times on Wednesday to talk about their views on Brexit.

Things are cordial between chief economist Simon French (In) and market commentator David Buik (Out), but poor Buik plans to make sacrifices in the name of British independence.

The Capitalist caught up with French last week at a meet-and-greet run by Political City, a group of young aspiring wonks working in the City. French gave his best arguments for staying in the EU, but where was Buik while this was going on?

"He's in Spain, on a sun-lounger, in his speedos", said French.

Naturally, The Capitalist had to find out if Buik enjoyed his break, and if he's concerned about the possibility of rising costs of European holidays in the event of a Brexit.

"We had a wonderful time, we go every year. Lots of sun, lots of wine. All very relaxing", laughed Buik, who has since returned to the daily grind.

Asked what he'll do if he finds once heavily discounted flights will become too pricey after the referendum in June, the high-flying grandee at the financial advisory was nonplussed.

"The security of this country is more important than a holiday to Spain. Besides, I don't see myself travelling abroad too much in the future. There's so much to see in Britain."

He may be on to something. Ahead of the summer holiday season, travel firm Mapway has collaborated with TfL, analysing London's bus routes to unearth the cheapest ways to see London's iconic attractions.

According to Mapway, the number 11 route passes at least 12 attractions, including Westminster Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and the Royal Courts of Justice, while the number 74 takes cheap travellers on an educational journey past the Natural History, Science and Victoria and Albert Museums, while also taking a scenic detour past Hyde Park Corner.

So Brexit or not, you can still get a budget family holiday (although the children will never forgive you).

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