Burger King has done it again: its releasing its "angriest" Whopper yet with a flaming red burger bun

Edith Hancock
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Burger King's new Whopper is on sale next week

First, there was the black Whopper.

Now, Burger King is out of the black and into the red with another colourful dish - this time the "angriest Whopper".

According to the fast food chain, everything about this burger is angry. The bright red bun, which is infused with hot sauce, is filled with: "crispy angry onions, angry sauce and zesty jalapenos piled high atop a flame-grilled beef patty".

The angriest Whopper will be rolled out in UK burger joints next week, but will Londoners like the classic Whopper when it's angry?

Last September, Burger King outlets in a number of across the world debuted a Halloween Whopper, with BBQ sauce baked into the pitch-black bun.

The firm says that the black Whopper was a huge hit, but reactions on social media ranged from confused and scared, to some angry customers claiming that the black bun turned their poo green.

The Capitalist wonders what unexpected side-effects will come out of this one...

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