Heinz wants Londoners to grow their own produce, so it's filling the city with mini-gardens

Edith Hancock
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At least this won't make your shoes stink if you step in it

Most people in London have learnt to watch where they're walking for fear of standing in something unpleasant.

But anyone strolling through London on Tuesday would have noticed a striking new addition to the scenery that won't ruin your shoes.

Miniature gardens have popped up on both sides of the river Thames as part of sauce maker Heinz' "Grow Your Own" campaign.

The alluring allotments, planted by visionary pothole gardener Steve Wheen, feature teeny tiny pieces of garden equipment including tiny wheelbarrows, miniature people and green foliage.

For the fourth year of the grassroots project Heinz Tomato Ketchup is calling on families up and down the country to get creative and plant their own Heinz tomato seeds.

This year, entrants will be in with a chance of having their home-grown tomatoes made into an iconic bottle of tomato ketchup, personalised exclusively for them.

To enter the competition*, families need to upload pictures of their efforts to Heinz UK's Facebook page. The winner will be chosen in August, when the fruit should be at its ripest.

Chris Isaac, Brand Manager for Heinz Tomato Ketchup, said: “We’re spurring on families to get involved with planting tomato seeds themselves and with the competition this year there’s an added incentive to get planting."

"We’re really excited to see the results from this and hopefully the winner will be delighted with the outcome.”

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