Premaitha Health's IONA prenatal test offered at tenth laboratory

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Lifestyle During Pregnancy
Premaitha Health's non-invasive prenatal screening test checks for a range of genetic conditions (Source: Getty)

AIM-listed molecular diagnostics company Premaitha Health has announced its tenth laboratory customer signed up to offer its non-invasive prenatal IONA test.

The IONA test, which analyses fetal DNA circulating in the mother's bloodstream to estimate the risk of the fetus being affected with Down's syndrome and other genetic conditions, was launched in February 2015.

The laboratory offering the test will be located in central France, the company's second lab in the country, and will act as a regional hub. The company's screening test is also offered in labs in the Middle East and Russia.

"With one lab already live in France and the second expected to be operational in the second quarter this year, the IONA test is making it easier for women in France to access a safe and accurate test for prenatal screening," Dr Stephen Little, Premaitha's chief executive, said.

"With an estimated 800,000 births a year, France is an important market for Premaitha. Following today’s agreement, we now have ten customer laboratories offering the IONA test in the UK and internationally, which is a significant milestone in our first year since the IONA test was launched, and also creates very strong foundations for future growth."

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