City workers go large on Euro 2016 bets as England win against Germany in this weekend's friendly

Edith Hancock
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After England's spectacular comeback against Germany, can they keep the momentum going? (Source: Getty)

With the turmoil we've seen in global markets recently, you would think that City workers have lost their appetite for high-risk investments.

Not so when it comes to the beautiful game. Bookies at Ladbrokes say a group of well-heeled City folk have placed several large sums on England's football team to win this year's UEFA European Championship, after the Three Lions staged a spectacular comeback against Germany in Saturday's friendly.

England's first match isn't until June, but the weekend's 2-3 victory over Germany gave a preemptive patriotic surge to a few Square Mile residents.

Two City punters placed a £1,000 bet each on England to win the tournament, while a third financier went further and put £2,000 on an English footie victory. With Ladbrokes' offer standing at 9/1 the most well-heeled gambler - who the firm says placed their bet at the same time as the other two while in the W1 area - could stand to win £20,000 if the stars align and England don't fall at the first hurdle.

A spokesperson for the bookmaker added: "I wonder if it's a case of fat fingers after a few drinks or genuine faith in the new-look England team?"

Only time will tell...

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