Apple's iOS 9.3 update has a bug that can freeze and crash iPhones and iPads when clicking links via Safari, Mail, Message and other apps

Lynsey Barber
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Apple Introduces New Products
Apple's iOS9.3 update has a problem for some users (Source: Getty)

The latest update from Apple which is meant to bring users a host of new features is also bringing with it unexpected problems.

iPhone and iPad users have reported issues when they update to iOS 9.3, the newest operating system for Apple devices, which is leaving them unable to click on links in internet browsers and email without freezing, and in some instances, crashing their phone.

Clicking links in Safari, Mail, Messages and other browsers as well as other apps causes the phone to freeze or crash for unknown reasons according to many users posting on Apple's support forums and tweeting to the newly launched @AppleSupport Twitter account.

Apple has yet to comment on the issue, which was first spotted by Apple blog 9to5Mac.

Some users have reported a workaround that stops the problem by disabling javascript, until a fix is issued.

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