US Presidential Election 2016: Donald Trump would be the weakest Republican candidate to take on Democrat Hillary Clinton in General Election, according to poll

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Democratic Candidates Attend New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention
Clinton is favourite to become the next President (Source: Getty)

The biggest victor of Donald Trump's potential win of the Republican nomination will be Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.

Trump would in fact be the weakest Republican presidential candidate to battle one-on-one with Clinton in a general election, according to a poll that puts Ted Cruz and John Kasich as stronger nominees.

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The survey from Quinnipiac University shows that Trump is still the most popular candidate to Republican voters, but falls behind Clinton in a match by six percentage points.

Meanwhile, Kasich, bolstered by his victory of Ohio, his home state, is the strongest candidate, leading her by eight points, while Cruz trails Clinton by three points.

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Senator Bernie Sanders, who is increasingly unlikely to beat Clinton, would be the strongest Democratic candidate in battles against Trump and Cruz, and he is more or less tied with Kasich.

The poll comes after Clinton and Trump both secured victories in Arizona, making the prospect of their matchup more and more likely