The seven most cracking luxury Easter eggs for the weekend

This thing is real. We've eaten it.

Every year, a secret cabal of City A.M.'s top egg enthusiasts come together to judge the year's greatest hollow chocolate treats. This year is no exception. Here, we present our pick of the seven top eggs of 2016.

1. Divine Raspberry Dark Chocolate Egg – £5,
Made by a Fair Trade co-operative of farmers in Ghana, this is definitely the egg Jesus would pick. However, its “burst of raspberry” failed to convert all of our judges.

"Pleasant enough, but I like soapy things"
"Like the Quality Street you leave until last"
"Surprisingly fruity and well-balanced"

2. Booja Booja Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Truffle Egg – £24.99,
For the fusspot in your life, there’s this dairy-free, organic, gluten and soya free decorative egg that’s so prissy it’s lined with velvet before it’s filled with hazelnut crunch truffles.

"These melting pouches of heaven can saunter into my open mouth any day"
"The packaging is a truffle over the top but it tastes good"
"Is this actually good for you, then?"

3. Prestat Sea Salt Caramel Truffle – £16,
A classic looking egg in a classic looking box, this Prestat number pleased our judging panel.

“Very rich and chocolatey with a faint hint of salt”
“A heavenly taste but not salty enough”
“A taste of the sea”

4. Prestat Art Deco Rainbow Eggs – £12,
A row of eggs presented in an array of colours that could only very generously be described as “a rainbow”, these pleased the judges all the same.

“Small eggs, easy to handle”
“Each egg is a new surprise”
“Quantity over quality. Give me one big egg or give me nothing”

5. Paxton Green Tea & Sea Salt – £18,
Mutiny in the ranks! This bad egg had our judges clawing frantically at their tongues in a futile bid to rid themselves of the flavour of this green monstrosity.

“Repulsive, gritty torture food”
“It tastes like seaweed”
"Please, please make it go away”

6. Pierre Herme Oeuf Dentelle Lait – €45,
With its unsettling resemblance to the head and shoulders of an old 1920s housewife, this divisive egg split opinion. The basket texture was universally enjoyed, but the underlying quality remains questionable.

“Poor man’s flake”
“Glorious spun strands of brown gold”
“Like cheap kids’ chocolate you give to toddlers because they don’t know what’s going on”

7. Pierre Tachon/Alain Ducasse Bulgari Egg – £38, only in Bulgari Hotels
This modernist bird designed by Pierre Tachon and crafted by Alain Ducasse has one eye firmly on the future. It’s the sleek, sophisticated egg that the machines will dine upon come the robot revolution.

“As rich as an oligarch”
"This egg, or whatever it is, is too serious”

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