App develops next generation taxi payment allowing black cabs to accept chip and pin, contactless and Apple pay

James Nickerson
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Taxis in Trafalgar Demonstrating
It'll be easier to pay for black cabs (Source: Getty)

A new app that allows customers use chip and pin, contactless and Apple Pay when taking a black cab has launched.

The app, aptly named cab:app, allows passengers to pay within 90 seconds in locations across the UK.

While it will be mandatory for all black cabs in London to offer card and contactless payment from April 2016, the new app boasts the ability to accept contactless.

Over 100,000 drivers have already signed up to the app, with 27,000 consumers having downloaded it.

Testament to its popularity, the app accepts contactless and Apple Pay and has already generated £12m in revenue from 400,000 transactions to date

“Black cabs are part of Britain’s DNA with a heritage that goes back to the 17th Century. cab:app is set to revolutionise the payments process for cabbies and their passengers and ensure that the iconic trade is future proof. cab:app is proud to be supporting the future of black cabs and the licensed taxi industry around the country," cab:app’s co-founder, Derek Stewart, said.

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