Good news, everyone! Almost half of Brits are unhappy at work and think they spend a third of their office hours slacking

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Almost half of Brits are unhappy with their career (Source: Getty)

Good news, everyone! UK workers are falling behind the rest of Europe, as we feel unhappy at work and spend over a third of our office hours slacking.

Workers in Britain believe they spend 36 per cent of their shift being unproductive, while staff in Germany are far more efficient, according to new research.

Brits are also relatively unhappy in our jobs. Around 45 per cent of us say we're dissatisfied with our roles, and only around one in ten of us want to talk to our colleagues at all.

The news comes after software firm Qualtrics surveyed workers across 14 countries. It found that staff in Germany are the most efficient and have the highest perception of their own productivity, and are also much happier at work, with two thirds saying they're satisfied with their work life balance.

With an average 35-hour working week, its unsurprising that French workers came top when it came to work life balance; 68 per cent of French employees were happy with their hours.