Bottoms up to Great Brewtain: Old Speckled Hen, Doom Bar and Hobgoblin are the nation's three top ales, according to Tesco

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Suffolk was named the UK's ale brewing hotspot (Source: Getty)

If you don't still know the difference between ale and beer, now might be the time to learn - ale sales have shot up over 14 per cent in the past year.

And, if you still need help discerning them next time you're at the pub, Old Speckled Hen, Doom Bar and Hobgoblin are the UK's three top-selling ales, according to Tesco.

"The ale revival, which started 10 years ago, shows no sign of slowing down and has actually gained momentum in the last few years with more and more of our customers now matching the beer we offer with our food," Chiara Nesbitt, Tesco ale buyer, said.

"In the last few years demand for bottled ale at Christmas and Easter has rocketed and that’s because of its growing status as a drink, like wine to complement the taste of food."

The UK's top selling ales:

1. Old Speckled Hen

2. Doom Bar

3. Hobgoblin

4. Newcastle Brown

5. Theakston Old Peculiar

6. Old Crafty Hen

7. Bank’s Bitter

8. London Pride

9. Proper Job

10. McEwan’s Champion

Source: Tesco


Great Brewtain

When it comes to brewing ale, Suffolk is the UK's champion, while East Anglia is home to five of Britain's most popular bottled ales including the number one top seller, Old Speckled hen.

Other Suffolk ales making it into the top 25 list include Old Crafty Hen, Abbot, Broadside and Old Golden Hen.

The map of ‘Brew-tain’ was created by Tesco after it recently carried out a geographical review of all its most popular bottled ales.


Source: Tesco

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