Woollip kickstarter: This is the only pillow you need for desk napping

Lynsey Barber
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Get some shut-eye in style at work with Woolip (Source: Woollip)

Feeling the mid-week dip? Flagging a little from early starts and late evenings? You probably need this pillow, which may just be the best invention for desk napping we've seen yet.

Bonus - it's also perfect for getting a bit of shut-eye while you're travelling, too.

Simply inflate the Woollip cushion and you get a strange looking pillow. But, the innovative design (it might look like something you'd try and wear) gives you four different sitting-down sleep options for when there's simply no option for a lie down.

Originally designed for sleeping in the cramped confines of a plane cabin, the same features make it perfect for a desk nap.

More than 700 people have already supported the product on Kickstarter, where it's already raised more than £26,000.

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Anyone itching to test it out can get their hands on one can, by pledging £21, with plans to ship Woollip to backers in July.

Of course, it may be a case of persuading your office that a quick desk nap is ok. Maybe just tell people it's the latest trend in workplace productivity (just remember to set your alarm).

Here's three more ways to nap at work.

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