Brussels travel advice from FCO: UK government tells Brits travel to Brussels is now OK

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Travellers to Brussels have been warned only to go if essential (Source: Getty)

Brits have been told they are OK to travel to Brussels again, after being told last night not to visit the city.

The government said it was no longer advising against travel to the Belgium capital, but visitors should follow advice from local authorities.

Travellers had last night been warned against travelling to Brussels following Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office updated its foreign travel advice for UK nationals in light of the bomb blasts at Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek Metro station early on Tuesday morning, saying: "The Belgian authorities are currently advising against travel to Brussels. You are advised to follow the instructions of the Belgian security authorities."

"In terms of travel advice, we continue to advise people to follow the advice of the Belgian authorities. Therefore we are no longer advising against travel to Brussels. British nationals in Belgium should remain alert and vigilant, stay away from crowded places, and follow the instructions of the Belgian authorities," said a Downing Street spokesperson on Wednesday Morning.

Brussels is the heart of the European Parliament and 1.8m British nationals visit Belgium each year.

Earlier advice had guided Brits in the city to avoid crowds and public transport networks and follow the advice of Belgian authorities to remain where they are: "The Belgian threat level is Level four – a serious and imminent threat. You should remain alert and vigilant, stay away from crowded places and avoid public transport at this time."

Brussels Airport remains closed and people with tickets on Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Germanwings flights up until 28 March can rebook or refund the ticket with out any penalty

Passengers booked on British Airways fights can rebook or refund tickets for Wednesday 23, which the airline still has under review for whether flights will run.

EasyJet flights are cancelled and passengers advised to check its latest updates for whether future flights are running.

Cross-channel ferry and Eurostar services may be subject to disruption and travellers have been advised to check with journey operators.

The latest updates from the Belgium authorities on travel advice can be found on Twitter.

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