Brussels cats return to Twitter after twin attacks in Belgian city leave at least 34 dead, more than 100 wounded

Catherine Neilan
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The two attacks are thought to have killed at least 26 people (Source: Getty)

Brussels' residents are once again finding solace against terrorism in cat pictures.

The Belgian city was the scene of a lockdown in November as authorities attempted to trace suspects behind the Paris attacks, which killed 130 people.

At the time, residents were asked not to tweet pictures that might tip off suspects - prompting a wave of cat pictures to flood the social media platform instead.

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Journalists have been asked not to report the details of police investigations, over the apparently coordinated attacks at Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek metro station, which have killed at least 34 people and wounded more than 100 today.

So far the authorities have not asked the same of the general public. But that hasn't stopped people already showing their solidarity through cat tweets.

Offline, residents are writing messages of peace in chalk on the city's streets.

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