South West Trains takes after Boaty McBoatface and renames one of its carriages "Trainy McTrainface"

Edith Hancock
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A British railway worker is showing solidarity in the quest to rename a £200m research vessel Boaty McBoatface, as South West Trains names one of its carriages "Trainy McTrainface".

London's amused commuters spotted the name flashing over the carriages at Waterloo station on Tuesday morning.

According to commuters on Twitter, an employee at South West tweaked the train's travel information screen before it left Portsmouth station just before 7:30am.

The renaming comes after the somewhat unlikely Boaty McBoatface overtook the competition in an online poll to find a new name for a £200m polar research vessel commissioned by the National Environment Research Council.

Although things took a turn for the worst when Trainy McTrainface got held up on its way to London. Commuters decided "Latey McLateface" was more appropriate after journeys were delayed.

A spokesperson from South West told City A.M.: "It is a one-off by one of our creative guards who wanted to bring a smile to the face of our customers."

The Capitalist wonders if this will sway the NERC's opinion on the naming of the £200m ship? Despite the online poll released last week being open to the British public, the council's chief exec has the final say.

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