EU Referendum: A casting call is looking for the stars of new eurosceptic film "Brexit: The Movie"

Edith Hancock
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The documentary is due for release in May (Source: Kickstarter)

It may not have happened yet, but the story of Britain's break from the EU is set to be immortalised in film, as a casting call has just been announced for "Brexit: The Movie".

The film's director, Martin Durkin, wants to produce a documentary showing why Britain should vote to leave.

An actress by the name of Miss L tweeted a screenshot of a note apparently sent out to thesps by production firm Wag TV, asking for hopefuls to addition for a number of colourful roles.

The casting call doesn't give too much away. With the documentary set for release in May, producers are currently looking for people to fill some odd roles. The list of characters are not just continents, but also centuries apart.

In a note sent to hopeful Brexit actors, Wag TV is looking for two "Tudor serfs", a couple of "Oriental/east Asian-looking" and, more importantly, "efficient" factory workers, a "southern European actor with slicked back hair" (efficiency not specified), an 18th Century cockney (either in the manner of "Oliver Twist or a Pearly King", ideally) and a "buxom Tudor lady".

The film reached its £100,000 fundraising target last month through a crowd funding campaign. It will be offered to national broadcasters, screened in select theatres across the UK, distributed via DVD and hosted online to watch for free.

Durkin has been dubbed the "Michael Moore of the Right" - with other credits including "Nigel Farage: Who are you?" and "Margaret: Death of a Revolutionary".