Apple share price little moved on iPhone SE, iPad Pro and Apple Watch price cut - here's what analysts are saying

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Apple's smaller iPhone was the biggest news of the night (Source: Getty)

Apple has unveiled a host of new devices - new iPhone (SE), iPad (a smaller Pro) and a $50 cut to the price of the Apple Watch - but what do the experts think?

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Here's what investors thought as Tim Cook and co' were on stage, despite a traditional, and this year solid, rally for the tech company in the lead up to the unveiling:

That'd be a bit "meh" then. Apple stock slipped as much as two per cent after the launch of the 6s, 6s Plus, original iPad Pro and Apple TV last September, however.

Here are some analyst reactions to shed some light on what these new products mean for Apple.

"Significant pent-up demand" for a smaller models

"Apple’s announcements today are best seen as attempts to kickstart the upgrade cycles for both iPhones and iPads. Larger iPhones are still selling in huge volumes, but there’s considerable evidence that some of those who own smaller iPhones are holding onto them rather than upgrading to the new, larger iPhones," said analyst Jan Dawson of Jackdaw research.

"There’s significant pent-up demand within Apple’s base of iPhone owners who want a smaller iPhone with up-to-date specs and newer features. The iPhone SE is designed for this group, and should unleash a decent upgrade cycle over the coming months. During a period when iPhone sales overall have slowed following a massive upgrade cycle driven by the iPhone 6 launch, a few million more sales in the quieter spring and summer months should help Apple close the gap with last year’s sales numbers."

Better pricing than the 5c

“Targeted at Millennials with smaller budgets, the SE offers a fully-formed iPhone experience for around £170 cheaper than its flagship. Taking the iconic design of the 5s and supercharging it with the innards of the 6s, its best iPhone yet, and for a vastly lower price, should strike fear in the hearts of brands already competing in the mid range mobile market," said uSwitch telecoms expert Ernest Doku.

"Apple's been there before, mind. The iPhone 5c was supposed to be a cheap and cheerful iPhone but raised eyebrows when it launched because it was only £80 cheaper than the flagship 5s back in 2013.But this time around, Apple has priced the SE cleverly at the sweet spot for instant sales, meaning there is no reason why this four-inch handset and its chamfered edges shouldn’t fly off the shelves from the word go."

Apple wants PC users to switch to iPad

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