Winterflood Securities founder Brian Winterflood says the whole family is voting for a Brexit

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Whether you're In or Out, the EU referendum is a thorny issue in finance.

Some are more vocal than others. Eurosceptic group Business for Britain counts a number of bankers and fund managers among supporters, while last month HSBC chief Stuart Gulliver told reporters: "It’s in Britain’s economic interest to remain in a reformed EU, and that is a formal position", adding that the lender could move 1,000 investment bankers to Paris if Britain voted for a Brexit.

Others prefer to make less noise, for fear of going against the policies of their employers.

Winterflood Securities boss Brian Winterflood couldn't care less what others think. Dining at the City of London Club, he tells The Capitalist that the whole clan are voting for a Brexit. "I'm an outer, my wife's an outer, and the kids are too. We're all outers."

Winterflood's sons, Guy and Mark Winterflood, are City figures in their own right. Guy is a serial tech-entrepreneur and currently runs data firm Letyano, while Mark is a private banker at, er, HSBC.

No prizes for guessing which Winterflood has a louder voice on the issue.

He needn't worry, however. The firm says the former CEO of HSBC in Prague, now working in the private banking division in Canary Wharf, is entitled to his own opinion. A spokesperson said: "this is a decision for the British public, and that includes our bankers."

Parents, eh?

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