This giant dinosaur in Canary Wharf is working its way around London to teach kids about healthy eating

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Florasaurus landed in Canary Wharf on Monday morning

There's a giant dinosaur roaming the streets of Canary Wharf today.

Florasaurus, a diplodocus made from plants, has landed in the Docklands in a bid to promote healthy eating and encourage parents to make sure their kids eat enough vegetables.

The green giant's tour sees the Florasaurus navigate its 13 metre long body through Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and Westminster today.

The stunt comes from Unilever, which is highlighting its margarine maker Flora's healthy product range at a time when children's love of junk food is under threat.

George Osborne included a surprise levy on sugary drinks in last week's Budget in a bid to protect children's health.

The brand is investing £12.5m in a series of healthy-eating campaigns being rolled out over the course of the year. According to the firm, this project aims to show how "the world's biggest and most magnificent creatures were powered by plants."

Unilever's James Brennan said: "This campaign forms part of our quest to make a positive impact through reconnecting children with the food they eat."

Unilever, which owns several ice-cream brands including Magnum, Cornetto and Ben & Jerry's, has been working to improve brand images.

Earlier this year, the firm announced that it will introduce a 250 calorie cap on its single-serving ice cream products, forcing it to cut the size of its Cornetto and Magnum offerings and scrap some items altogether.

Of course, if you're not into healthy eating, Unilever also owns Pot Noodle, which launched a very nutritious-sounding macaroni and cheese flavour last month.

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