"Students are fans": Metro Bank chair Vernon Hill gets an honourary professorship at Cass Business School and gives his top tips for UK students

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Vernon Hill celebrates with wife Shirley, pet dog Duffy and the deans of Cass Business school

Everywhere Metro Bank's American founder Vernon Hill goes he sees fans.

Hill was sworn into an honorary professorship at London's Cass Business School on Monday morning, and it's safe to say he takes the same view of students as he does of the challenger bank's customers.

"Universities should definitely be thinking of their students as fans", Hill told The Capitalist as he left City University's business school this morning. "In fact, they have an even wider fan-base than [Metro Bank]."

"The students are fans. The parents looking at universities for their children are the fans. The businesses and companies that look for graduate interns are all fans."

Hill has been appointed as an honorary visiting professor of practice in retail banking by Cass Business School. He graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1967 with a degree in economics, and is no stranger to lecturing students, having given talks at a whole host of UK universities, and even took a seminar at Said Business School at Oxford last month.

And Hill had some top tips for students looking to become successful entrepreneurs too.

Hill said: "Every person has a unique advantage or talent that no one else can replicate. The people who really succeed are the ones who recognise their real calling and turn that into a vocation."

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