BrainJuicer Group share price flat as market research company's revenues, profits and dividend all nudged up for year ending December 2015

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The company will be shifting its accounting date from December to March (Source: Getty)

Share price in BrainJuicer Group was flat today after the market research company revealed a modest boost to its revenue, profit and dividend for its year ending December 2015.

The company announced revenues of £25.2m, up two per cent from £24.7m the year before, while profits before tax grew to £4.5m, up five per cent from £4.3m.

The market researcher also proposed a final dividend of 3.5 pence per share, up from 3.3 pence per share for 2014.

Shares in the company were trading flat at 292.5p shortly after 12pm London time.

"We believe the market research industry will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 100 and BrainJuicer is extremely well positioned to benefit from a major system change," remarked John Kearon, chief executive – or, as he is otherwise known, chief juicer – of BrainJuicer. "The growth of our core quantitative products gives us cause for continued optimism in the underlying momentum in the business and its long term upside potential."

The company also announced that it would be changing its next accounting date to March 2017, creating a 15-month accounting period for its next set of accounts, as the board had noticed that the company typically experienced a flurry of activity in the last four to six weeks of the calendar year.

Analysts at Canaccord Genuity noted that the company was "winning the battle with the traditional market research industry to bring behavioural science into marketing/advertising; but the spoils of victory have thus far been unexciting".

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